Knox - Lincoln County Beekeepers Mentoring Program

The KLCB Mentoring Program assists new beekeepers who have just completed the KLCB Bee School program to develop their beekeeping skills. Following Bee School in April our students are introduced to an experienced beekeeper in their area who will help them in a one-on-one relationship during their first year. Please keep in mind that our Mentors act as an excellent resource and guide to new beekeepers but they are not a substitute for the solid basis of knowledge that our bee school provides.

Beekeeping is a fascinating and complex undertaking that requires more knowledge than new beekeepers may realize. Some new beekeepers have prepared themselves as much as they can for their new endeavor; others have not.

The Mentoring Program provides Mentors the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences with new beekeepers, helping to ensure the success of beekeeping in our area.

Each year we ask experienced beekeepers in our club to volunteer to be Mentors to our new beekeeping students. The hope is always to be able to arrange for each student to be able to work with one Mentor however the requests we receive often far exceed the number of available Mentors. At this time we are currently utilizing all available mentors and are unable to take on new mentees however we encourage you to participate in hive openings and other educational events throughout the season hosted by KLCB. As a member of the club, you are also encouraged to utilize our club message board to post questions you may have. A beekeeper near you may be able to assist you at that time.

Our Program also provides Mentees a great opportunity to gain first-hand beekeeping experience. They observe and participate in bee yard inspections, ask questions and get answers, have some one-on-one time with their Mentor and learn about beekeeping in their apiary.

There are three types of beekeepers…
  • those who manage what is happening
  • those who watch what is happening, and
  • those who wonder what just happened.
It takes time to become the first kind, but beware, as soon as you think you know what is going on, the bees change it up on you. That’s what they do.

The needs of the bee yard change with the seasons, so there is always something new to learn.

To read about "The Care and Feeding of a Beekeeping Mentor"
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